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Adult Community Support Program (ACSP)

Our Mission Statement:

To include, integrate and be respectful of all persons with disabilities. We will not discriminate, but will educate and advocate for persons with disabilities and their families. Serving our local community in raising awareness for the disabled population.

We Offer:

  • Community based programming for individuals with developmental disabilities within the Hamilton-Wentworth area.
  • Classroom settings offering opportunities to establish or enhance essential life skills.
  • Recreational activities to assist in providing an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated staff with experience in developmental services.
  • 1:5 staff to client ratio

ACSP2 (1)

For this program, the following is taken into consideration for review:

  • Individuals that are without a full time day program and are in receipt of Passport Funding.
  • Individuals who are transitioning out of school and/or are over the age of 18.
  • Or families who wish to pay privately, a low per diem rate will apply.

ACSP is a private agency that provides a fee for service.  ACSP was founded by Susanne Craig, in May of 2013 after numerous families expressed a lack of programming for their son/daughter and how this would impact their current family situation. The goal was to fill the gap in services to provide families with alternative programming after their son/daughter graduated from highschool.

ACSP is currently accepting applications for the waitlist and unfortunately is at full capacity. In future, the hope is to expand services within the Hamilton-Wentworth and surrounding area’s. Prioritizing individuals who are graduating from highschool and who are without a day program. Individualized Passport Funding is the only available financial resource in covering our operational costs.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

458 King Street W., Hamilton, ON L8P 1H2

Susanne Craig

Working with disabled individuals is a passion for her more than a career choice. She has the compassion required to understand what it is like living with someone who has Special Needs, as one of her siblings has a...

Shawna Cassidy
Program Administrator

Shawna has lived her entire life surrounded my a family member whom had a disability.  Additionally, Shawna has a son with Cerebral Palsy caused by a stroke at the age of 6 months.  Shawna holds a certificate in Rec...

Melissa Caricato
Lead PSW

Melissa has worked with Susanne Craig for the last 10 years through her previous employment at CLH. Melissa graduated from Grand Health Academy as a Personal Support Worker and has worked with the disabled population for many years. Additionally, Melissa’s sister-in-law...

Kathy Hastings

Kathy holds a diploma in SSW and has been involved in The Developmental Service Sector for over 25 years.   She was formerly employed with CLH and has recently joined our team with her wide range of knowledge and compassion...

Joey Flores
PSW Support Staff

Joey has been a PSW for 19 years and graduated from Osilla Institute. He also holds a diploma as a Community Service Worker. Joey brings humour, patience, and understanding to those we support and has proven to be a...

Alex Vance
Medication Administrator

Alex has been a Special Needs Worker for the past 8 years and currently holds a certificate in Medication Administration. He too has grown up with the disabled population having an Uncle with a disability and a Mother who...

Taylor Lusk
Passport Funding Administrative Assistant & Program Clerk

Taylor is a recent graduate from The University of Toronto and has held an administrative position with ACSP for the past 4 years. Taylor will be joining The ACSP Team on a full-time basis working alongside The Director. Taylor’s position...