Welcome to Crossfire Assembly
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Everyone Has A Story

It’s what makes you who you are. We believe that every story matters and is valuable to God. Crossfire believes in erring on the side of grace. We understand that life can be hard sometimes, and we believe in meeting people where they are. Here at Crossfire we create a safe place for people to experience God, and journey with Him as they grow in His love.

Sunday Services

Sunday Services begin at 10:34 am every Sunday morning.

What should you expect?

When you come in you will be greeted and welcomed. You’ll see a big space with some chairs, some pews, a balcony up above, and a large black stage at the front. You can pick a seat wherever you like. The band will begin and we will start to worship God. Some of us are loud, some of us are quiet, some will dance, and some will wave a flag or two.

Worship will be followed by welcoming each other, shaking hands, smiling – we’re just one big family at Crossfire! Then it’s time to listen – after a few announcements, of course. Someone will then teach or speak with a message about what the bible says and the relevance in today’s life. Sometimes we have guest speakers too!

After the service, everyone is invited to stay and have coffee.

Small Groups

These are simply smaller groups of people that meet on Sunday nights to learn and connect with one another. In the past, we’ve had an Alpha group which teaches Christian Essentials, a parenting group (raising kids with a faith that will last), and a bible study (Philippians) group. These groups are open to all people. Keep an eye out for our next small group sessions!

Kids Program

Crossfire provides a Kids Program during the Sunday Service. Kids aged 5-10 meet in the gym of the church for a time of singing, prayer, stories, snacks, and fun.