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The pastors here at Crossfire have been preaching on their life verse. The verse that has inspired them, encouraged them, challenged them.

It’s more than just a favourite verse, it’s one that God has placed on your heart time and time again to help you move through this world.

My own life verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13, stemmed from family trauma that led me to search the meaning of what love was. And through the study of this verse and what God’s love truly is, my life, my work, my ministry has all been reshaped to reflect this kind of love to the best of my ability. It is a journey I am still on.

So today, we want to encourage you to dive deeper into your own life verse, or simply encourage you to find one today.

Here are some reflection questions to help you on this journey

  1. What is your life verse? What verse do you come back to over and over? Write it down, hang it on your fridge for the next week.
  2. Reflect on this verse, what was the journey that led you it? What was your experience at the time, how did this verse make you feel. Take some time to journal these answers.
  3. Reread your verse again, but pick out one word that speaks to you. Study that word.
  4. Pray over your life verse. Pray over the origin of this verse, ask God to help you in areas you struggle with it, ask Him to reveal its meaning anew. Pray about who can needs to hear this verse.
  5. Share your life verse. Take some time this week to write a letter, email or make a phone call to share what your life verse is and the why behind it.

The thing about a life verse is that it usually has a deep meaning to us, it is a side to our story that is special and dear to our hearts. And when we take the time to reflect and pray about it, we are better able to share it. And we just never know who needs to hear how we came to find that one verse that speaks to us.


February 12, 2021