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“There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

I am not a fan of winter! Those long dull days, the bitter cold and please don’t get me going about driving in the snow. Yet this season does hold its own beauty. The uniqueness of each snowflake, the peaceful scene after a long snowfall and the fun of a good snowball fight.

Even though I may not be too eager to embrace the winter season, God has a purpose for each season that we go through. What seasons does God walk us through?

First, there is the winter season. That season where it is cold and dark, it can actually feel like death. Seeing what God is doing is not very easy in this season. In fact, it may feel like God is doing absolutely nothing. The winter is a time of testing for us.

Once winter is over, spring comes! This season is a time of hope. It is when we plow the hard ground with the Word of God, with prayer, with love, with determination. This season calls for hard work and faith. New life is being birthed in this season.

Slowly the cool days of spring are replaced with the hot days of summer. The summer is a time of rest and reflection. It is season where we get to enjoy the beauty of life and the warmth of God’s love. It is a time where God is doing His work. This season is marked with joy, peace and a quiet confidence in God.

The brisk days of autumn following those long summer evenings. Fall comes with such beauty and vibrant colours. Harvest is here. This season is a fruitful season. It is when we receive answers to those prayers that we planted way back in the springtime. It is a season of breakthrough. Autumn requires hard work but with the effort comes the harvest! Results are seen and enjoyed. What a joyful time autumn can be!

The question I ask you is what season do you find yourself in? Where does God have you?

Think about that for a moment … is your soul in the winter? Are you in the planting season? Enjoying rest and reflection? Or is it your harvest time?

Whatever season you are in, my encouragement is for you to open your heart to what God has for you in this time. Be open to what God wants to do in you.

Maybe the season you are in is for you:

  • To grow in your faith
  • To grow in mercy, grace or compassion
  • To increase your awareness of God’s presence, His blessings, His beauty in your life
  • To see what’s inside of you … the good, the bad, the ugly
  • To allow God to bring healing in a specific area of your life
  • To come alive!

Whatever season you are in, EMBRACE IT!

Don’t just survive but thrive! Grow and lean into God!
Don’t waste the season no matter how challenging it is.

Remember that God is with you (Isaiah 41:13).
Remember you can thrive in your season (Psalm 92:12).
Remember that God will bring good out the season you are in (Romans 8:28).

January 29, 2021