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458 King Street West, Hamilton, ON

This week we wanted to share our Christmas Poem written by Linda Raymond. Even though Christmas has past, God’s faithfulness rings true each day, and we can rejoice in the hope He gives.

With new restrictions and orders to stay home, it can be hard to find hope and even more difficult to feel any joy. Our prayer this week is that Linda’s Christmas poem brings a smile to your face and some joy to your heart!

‘Twas the year 2020 and with COVID around,
People rose from their beds to a world upside down
Shopping for groceries became quite the task
The spectacles fogged up because of the mask.

The gyms and arenas had all been closed down
But folks go their workouts following the arrows around.
And to help pass the time
There was standing in line.

But it looked like the elves
Had emptied the shelves
The children’s lists were different, no Barbie or Terminator
Now the hot items are Lysol wipes and toilet paper.
Lotion has also become quite in demand
All this sanitizer is wrecking our hands

And this one’s confusing, I must be quite frank
If you don’t wear a mask you can’t enter a bank.
You might as well deposit the rest of your stash
For a lot of the drive thru’s no longer take cash

Courting for sweethearts has become quite the task
Kissing is hard when you’re wearing a mask!
And then there’s the time when you just want to cuddle
But what do you do if she’s not in your bubble?

But despite all the hurdles and struggles we’ve known
Our God has been faithful, He’s still on the throne
His people have risen to the challenge and grown

Technology’s no longer too hard to master
We’ve reaching more people and we’re reaching them faster.
Little old ladies on a phone in a room
Are connecting with church by zoom, zoom, zoom!

We’re praying together, we’re feeding the poor
Dropping off food at the shut-in’s door.
Each time we give out He provides us with more
We’ve had teaching and worship with creativity galore

When put in perspective, could we even ask for more?
Yes, this Christmas is different but that doesn’t mean less
Let’s give up the good and go for the BEST!

January 15, 2021