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Everyone Has A Story

It’s what makes you who you are. We believe that every story matters and is valuable to God. Crossfire believes in erring on the side of grace. We understand that life can be hard sometimes, and we believe in meeting people where they are. Here at Crossfire we create a safe place for people to experience God, and journey with Him as they grow in His love.

Sunday Services

Service starts at 10:34 am on Sunday mornings. Yes, we really do start at 10:34 am – that’s not a typo!

What should you expect?

When you come in you will be greeted and welcomed. You can pick a seat wherever you like either in the sanctuary or the balcony. At 10:34 am our worship team will begin lead us into our Sunday service. Worship looks different for everyone, you are free to worship however you like. You can raise your hand, dance, sing along, cheer, be loud, be quiet, wave a flag… it’s all up to you!

After worship, one of the pastors will share a message from the Bible and how it applies to our lives today.

Everyone is invited to stay and have coffee after the service.

Young Adults

Our young adults group is catered to people aged 18-35. We meet every other Friday evening and share a meal together. It’s a place to connect with others and share our thoughts about faith, meaning, life, and God.

Kids Program

Crossfire provides a Kids Program during the Sunday Service. Kids aged 5-10 meet in the gym of the church for a time of singing, prayer, stories, snacks, and fun.