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Bible Resources

Deaf Missions:

This website offers the ASL Bible, ASL devotionals, and other ASL resources.

This is Matthew 24 (Part 1):

This presentation discusses Jesus’ verse by verse response to the disciples’ question regarding the last days.

This is Matthew 24 (Part 2):

Jesus continues to answer the question about the last days.

This is Daniel:

Hi! I’m a book! My name is Daniel. Click and enjoy Daniel’s easy-going chatter.

This slide presentation provides a commentary on the meaning of Daniel 12:4 (KJV):

“…seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

What Genesis Means

Flyer Gallery

All flyers are designed by Deaf Crossfire Church.

Flyer 06 – What?! Blood in Dinosaur Bones

Flyer 07 – The Magnetic Field Suggests a Young Earth

Flyer 08 – How do Fossil Trees Stand Through the Layers of Rock?

Flyer 09 – The Monarch Butterfly

Flyer 10 – The Wood Frog

Flyer 11 – Species Verus Kinds Part 1

Flyer 12 – Species Verus Kinds Part 2

Flyer 2021-3 – A Virus Does Not Evolve

Flyer 2021-4 – Cleaner Fish and Shrimp

Flyer 2021-5 – Bombardier Beetle

Flyer 2021-6 – Sea Turtles

Flyer 2021-8 – Lodgepole pine

Flyer 2021-9 – Coelacanth

Flyer 2021-10 – Evidence of A Sudden, Catastrophic, World-wide Flood

Flyer 2021-11 – Flood Legends From All Over the World

FY 2021-12 Mercury – A Youthful Planet

FY 2022-01/02 The Potter Wasp

FY 2022-03/04 The Evidence of A Sudden Burial