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Bible Resources

Deaf Missions:

The website for ASL Bible, Devotionals and other resources.

Deaf Genesis Apologetics:

“Dedicated to teaching the importance of Biblical Creation and encourage Christians to defend their faith and develop their thinking in every area – the Bible.”

This is Matthew 24 (Part 1):

This presentation discusses Jesus’ verse by verse response to the disciples’ question regarding the last days.

This is Matthew 24 (Part 2):

Jesus continues to answer the question about the last days.

This is Daniel:

Hi! I’m a book! My name is Daniel. Click and enjoy Daniel’s easy-going chatter.

This slide presentation provides a commentary on the meaning of Daniel 12:4 (KJV):

“…seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

What Genesis Means

Flyer Gallery

Links will take you to Deaf Genesis Apologetic’s ASL vlogs, or to Youtube videos which are often voiced and AI captioned, or to print articles. All flyers are designed by Deaf Crossfire Church.


Flyer 06 – What! Blood in Dinosaur Bones

Flyer 07 – The Magnetic Field Suggests a Young Earth

Flyer 08 – How do Fossil Trees Stand Through the Layers of Rock

Flyer 09 – The Monarch Butterfly

Flyer 10 – The Wood Frog

Flyer 11 – Species Verus Kinds Part 1

Flyer 12 – Species Verus Kinds Part 2

Flyer 2021-3 – A Virus Does Not Evolve

Flyer 2021-4 – Cleaner Fish and Shrimp

Flyer 2021-5 – Bombardier Beetle

Flyer 2021-6 – Sea Turtles

Flyer 2021-8 – Lodgepole pine

Flyer 2021-9 – Coelacanth

Flyer 2021-10 – Evidence of A Sudden, Catastrophic, World-wide Flood

Flyer 2021-11 – Flood Legends From All Over the World