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The beginning of January I started a “Read through the Bible in a Year” study. I am in Exodus after doing Job and Genesis and have found it very eye opening. One of the things that I noticed is that right from the beginning, there have been issues in families. You’ve got brother murdering brother. Then one brother ripping his brother off by stealing his blessing. Then there is the multiple brotherhood gang that disposed of their baby brother because he was the favourite. You have families that have everything and don’t honour God and wives who are defying husbands by hiding their idols from him. There is incest and trickery and abuse and that is only in the first three books.

As I have listened to God’s word and read all the drama, I have to say it brings me comfort, even with everything that has gone on in my family it feels like we aren’t doing too bad. As a mom of seven kids you can only imagine the dynamics that existed in our home and still exist to this day. I have often despaired, but after reading about these biblical catastrophes I have hope. Throughout the family dynamics of people like Abraham, Job, Jacob and Joseph, I can see the thread of redemption in every story. The lineage of Christ comes from the dysfunctional families that we now look too. It baffles me, but because of this I am now celebrating the differences in my children. I embrace the rough experiences we have and are living through. I know there is a plan and a future filled with forgiveness and grace. I know God has his hand on us all and somehow he is weaving a story that will one day prove to us that he is able and mighty and that he is good.

Ruth Shelley

February 26, 2021